The largest Life Style study in Ghana

Lifestyle study Overview

The lifestyle study aims to better understand the risk of indigenous lifestyle practices of  Ghanaians.  This study is a longitudinal study of the risk factors of lifestyle and chronic disease outcome among Ghanaian adults. The lifestyle study, which will use standardized methodology, is designed to estimate chronic disease mortality, morbidity, and the prevalence of known and suspected chronic disease risk factors in Ghanaians and to assess the significance of these risk factors in a longitudinal analysis.  Our risk factors of interest include, but not limited to, diet and eating patterns, smoking and substance use, herbal and orthodox drug use, physical activity, cholesterol and hypertension, stress and workplace stress, religion, cultural mores, and extra-societal influences.

The lifestyle study is founded by a nonprofit NGO, Project Health Ghana. The Martin Luther Health Institute, in Kintampo and Accra, supports this study.

This study will begin in 2021. The lifestyle study will include all geographical areas, communities and tribes of Ghana. The study will begin by recruiting the pioneer cohort across the country of which a subset will undergo comprehensive medical and diagnostic screening. Recruitment will be ongoing until the required study sample size is attained.  Study participants will be followed voluntarily and longitudinally until lost to follow-up or the attainment of desired outcome.

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The Lifestyle Study welcomes enquiries from the general public on volunteering opportunities.

Study Participants

The Lifestyle Study would not be able to continue without the generosity of the Ghanaian community. To advance this highly valuable public health   research, we will need Ghanaians to voluntarily participate in our studies.  For further information on volunteering in one of our studies, please visit our Study Participants link.

Researchers & Student Researcher

The Lifestyle Study welcomes the interest and proposals of outside researchers. Collaboration is encouraged as it helps to maximize the scientific value of the of epidemiologic data. Access to our data for a wide range of investigations will enable research discoveries related to other diseases. We are open to accepting Ancillary Studies Investigators to ensure optimal scientific outcome.

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