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  • Lifestyle Study in Ghana

    The lifestyle study aims to better understand the health benefits and risk of indigenous lifestyle practices of Ghanaians......

  • Message from the study PI

    Wherever you are reading this, take a look at the adult next to you. Chances are he or she appears healthy and nourished....

    What the survey is about

    Project Health Ghana, in collaboration with Martin Luther Health Institute, Kintampo, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Jersey , Ghana Health Service, and Kintampo Health Research Centre is conducting research on understanding the risk of indigenous lifestyle practices of the indigenous Ghanaian -to understand the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases. 

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    Message from PI

    Wherever you are reading this, take a look at the adult next to you. Chances are he or she appears healthy and nourished. Also, chances are his lifestyle choices and practices, a fundamental to existence, has gotten him or her either chronically exposed to risk factors or preventive factors of chronic diseases – the result of which will subsequently affect his quality of life, health and longevity....

    The Study Team

    Director & Principal Investigator

    Dr. Agbenyikey has been teaching and doing research since 2006 on environmental epidemiology and risk assessment, surgery epidemiology, and health quality indicators. He’s also a longtime advocate and activist on behavioral health issues.


    Dr. Siderits is an Associate Medical Director for the New Jersey state Department of Health, Public Health Laboratories. He is an Associate Professor at the RWJ University Medical School - Rutgers in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Sciences.

    Co-Principal Investigator

    Dr. Duah is a medical director at Dr Martin Luther King Clinic in Accra and an external examiner at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is a retired lecturer and former Head of Chemical Pathology Department of University of Ghana Medical School.