Stress-free Cafe

This is a portal for academics, researchers, and the general working population designed to provide information and discussion on indigenous workplace psychosocial and organizational risk factors in Ghana and Africa.

The goal of this forum is to equip workplaces in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa with the resources to combat the emerging workplace stress problems being introduced by industrialization and globalization.

Workplace Stress café adopts the knowledge transfer and exchange process to share research findings not only in peer-reviewed journals, at conferences, and to scientists, but also actively disseminate research findings and expert advice on workplace on healthy workplace practices freely to policy-makers, employers, employees, OHS professionals, clinicians, and labor unions in a timely, accessible and useful manner.

Workplace Stress Café is formally affiliated with and sponsored by the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology

Workplace Stress-free Café is a leading force in the fight to reduce workplace stress and its deadly toll in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa